It is crucial to protect your home and property from intruders. A durable and well-designed fence will not only provide excellent protection from these intruders but also keep away animals like stray dogs and cats away from your property. Therefore, it is essential to get a good one.
The Craft Home Design is on the mission to provide quality services to its clients, and we are proud of the quality of fences we provide to our customers. The material we use is of the highest quality, which can last long for years. Our team is well trained to install the fences of all types and materials.

Why us?

We have years of experience in working on every type and size of fences. The rich experience comes with perfection, which translates into satisfied clients. You can see hundreds of reviews by our satisfied clients who are proof of our professionalism and high-quality work.

Why Installing a Fence is Important?

There are several reasons and purposes of installing a fence around your property. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Privacy: It will allow you to have some privacy from your neighbors, and you can enjoy a BBQ or a movie night in your backyard with your family.
  • Security: There are a lot of stray animals wandering around the streets and can be a threat to your family. Fencing will allow you to keep your family protected.
  • Decoration: A well-manufactured fence adds on to the beauty of the property. This is a great way to decorate the backyard and even the front portion of the house.
  • Marking of Property: This is a great way to declare the boundary of your house so you can avoid any trespassing. You can better use the space of your home by installing a BBQ setup or a play area.

Types of Fences We offer

You can find a lot of materials that are used for the fences. The purpose of each material is different. Below are the most popular types of fences:

  • Vinyl Fencing: It is a flexible and robust option that does not require much maintenance or paint job. This fencing is easy to clean and low cost to maintain. However, you need to pay a reasonable sum for the installment.
  • Wood Fencing: It is one of the most popular fencing options across the country. The classic look of this material is an excellent fit for every type of property and that too, with good privacy.
  • Aluminum Fencing: A maintenance-free option for people who cannot afford time or money for regular maintenance. This is a cost-effective option; however, it does not provide that much security.
  • Iron Fencing: This is one of the oldest fencing types, which is very strong and provides excellent security to your property. The owners require to provide regular maintenance to avoid rusting and other damages.
  • Bambo Fencing: A cheap option for environment-friendly people. This fencing type is growing in popularity across the country and provides a unique look to the property.

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